Journaling Through Pregnancy

I am so intrigued and in awe by the process that is pregnancy. With all of my pregnancies (four total including a loss at 6 weeks), I have been diligent with taking weekly measurements (when you have experience as a bridal stylist you get real familiar with bust, waist, and hip ratios!) and journaling weight gain, symptoms, and anything else that is going on in my life at that time. It has prepared me and reassured me in each subsequent pregnancy to be able to look back on changes and growth in previous pregnancies. I have been so fascinated to find that each of my pregnancies have been exactly the same- week by week, inch by inch and pound by pound 😆. If you are pregnant now or plan to be, I highly recommend journaling and documenting throughout pregnancy. If documenting weight gain and watching the tape measure lengthen isn’t for you, at least keep track of symptoms and life in general in the duration. It’s so cathartic, and a great keepsake and resource to look back on, especially if you plan to have more than one.

My journals are kept in draft emails online so that I can access them from my phone anywhere. I start a new draft with each pregnancy. I use a questionnaire format so I’m documenting the details I want to remember without feeling like I need to write a novel. Here are two examples of my journals – one from the beginning of pregnancy, and the other from the end of pregnancy. Questions will vary a bit from both stages. Feel free to copy and paste at the end to use as a template for your own pregnancy journey!

Week 7 (1st Pregnancy)

Weight Gain: 132.5. (+2.5 Fast food cravings, oops!)

Measurements: B: 33″ W: 24″ H: 35 1/2″

Craving: Fruit (applesauce, grapefruit, apples), sour Gummy worms!!! Eating eng. muffin w PButter in the am along with applesauce. I usually eat 2. Portions are getting bigger for me.

Aversions : I don’t love vegetables right now. Steak, chili, stir fry were all unappetizing when I made them for dinner.

Sleep: Waking up around 5am. Sometimes can’t get back to sleep, then I have to go down and eat right away to divert morning sickness. Haven’t actually gotten sick yet.

Told anyone? Still a secret to most. It’s tough keeping the secret at work for both Matt and I! My co-worker caught me chugging ginger ale one morning and asked if i was pregnant. i said, “who knows?! Shhhhhhh…..” 

Symptoms: Big appetite. Keen sense of smell. Cigarette smoke makes me sick, I have started to get a bit edgy, crabby. 

Workouts: averaging one a week- usually Sunday. Need to pick up the pace. I’m on my feet all day at work though.

New items for Baby: Not yet!

Clothes: pants are tight 🤭

Miss anything? Wine, sushi, caffeine!

Looking forward to: Our first ultrasound on Valentina’s day next week. Let’s hear that little heartbeat!

Dr. Appt.: 1st appt. went well. Pelvic exam and urine analysis. Dr. Came in and said “well that was fast!” Since I told her we were trying at my Dec. annual exam. Assured me no symptoms yet are pretty normal. 8 and 9 weeks is when sickness comes if you get it. 

What else is going on? Starting on renovations this week for two bathrooms and our kitchen!

Week 38

Weight Gain: 173 (+43 lbs)

Measurements: B: 38 1/2″ W: 35″  H: 40″ Belly: 41″

Craving: Chocolate, appetite has gone way down, but I’m about to hit up the market down the block for an Ice cream snickers bar…

Aversions : The smell of pork cooking

Sleep: Up at 3:30/4a wide awake! Some mornings I’m not able to fall back asleep and just get up and start my day.

Symptoms: The hip jolts and SPD are major right now! The last two days I’ve been scared to leave the house because the hip jolts have brought me to my knees. I have had great energy in the last week, and today I have zero energy, coffee isn’t working, and I just feel sore and run down. I can’t bend over to pick anything up because baby’s head is engaged and so low that I feel like I’m squishing him if I reach down too far. 

Workouts: I walked (waddled) home from the High Street yesterday pushing Shep in the pushchair. Does that count?

New items: Mirror for the baby’s room, NB size sleepers. 

Clothes: So limited. Pants and some leggings just feel too restricting for how low baby is. A couple maxi dresses and cardigans are always my go to.

Miss anything? High-wasted jeans, a super sweaty workout, champagne on a sunny day.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little man and seeing his brothers meet him for the first time too! 

Dr. Appt.: Last scan at 37 weeks and everything looks good! Polyhydraminos has leveled off and Baby is measuring 53%ile (Dex did too at this stage and was still LGA). Scheduled a sweep and induction for 39weeks!  

What else is going on? Mom is set to arrive next week at 38w5d, so baby can come aaaaanytime after that! Boys bunk beds are up and we are moving the crib back into baby’s room this weekend so we can complete the nursery! 

Dex: (4.5y) Has been telling people the baby’s name at school….but we haven’t 100% chosen a name yet. He has been asking to watch videos of animals being born (I may have prompted this interest…) and often asks  when I groan with a sharp pain or grab my belly, “Is the baby going to come out?” He still has no interest in feeling baby move in my belly. Also asks if he can carry the baby when it’s out (I said no…) and we’ve been talking about how important it will be to support baby’s head an neck when he holds him. 

Shep: (2y) Talking more and more and now sings Wheels on the Bus when playing by himself, getting so good at recognizing his letters too, I’m so blown away that he’s picked it up so quickly. Loves practicing colors, loves jamming to music and anything with a good beat! He’s been really into the big brother books lately, points to my belly and tries to lift my shirt to see baby. He’s such a cuddler, and very affectionate. I do worry how he’ll react when baby is here and taking up more of my cuddles.

Copy and Paste this template to do your own:

Weight Gain: 

Measurements: B:  W:  H: 


Aversions : 


Told anyone? 


Workouts : 

New items: 


Miss anything?

Looking forward to: 

Dr. Appt. : 

What else is going on? 

Older Kids update:

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