The Fab Four Become Five

When the decision was made that we were moving our family to London, I already had my creative sights set on this year’s Christmas card: Abbey Road. The Beatles have been a constant soundtrack in the 9 years Matt and I have been together. From the first time we slow danced together (in a hotel bar in Mexico 😆) to our first dance as husband and wife at our wedding. 
Not in a million years did I anticipate sporting a baby bump in the photo, nor using it as a way to announce to family and friends that we are expecting our third. Three children is something I always dreamed of. Three boys was always a future I felt destined for. After our second was born and endured multiple surgeries and challenges within his first year due to a genetic condition (that yours truly 🙋🏼‍♀️ is responsible for,) we realized further procreation was maybe not something we should pursue. Within a week of closing that proverbial door, God jumped in and said “not so fast, you two- I’m not done with you yet.” 🤰🏼😂 While we were shocked at the news, I couldnt help but be thrilled. I didn’t want to be done. I didn’t want to stop at two. I knew I would always feel like someone was missing in our family. At the same time, I didn’t want another child to go through what Shepard went through. God made this decision for a 3rd so we didn’t have to. We couldn’t be more grateful and full of love.

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