Our Parisian Weekend

The number one perk that excited us about a move to London was the ability and ease to travel to so many new destinations. Once we were settled and had our routine down in our new home, it was time to take off. Matt’s mom was coming into town and we thought a quick weekend to Paris would be a close and easy family getaway to start off with.

We packed a lunch and hopped on the Eurostar train which is a quick two hour journey (even under the English Channel) across the border.

We stepped off the train and began our track to the hotel a few blocks away. The weather was absolutely perfect for exploring the sites before the sun set. We decided to make our way to the Eiffel Tower to catch a glimpse of it as the sun was setting.

The next day we had a bike tour scheduled which we were very excited about, as it sounded like a great way to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. I booked the tour through Tripadvisor with a company call Fat Tire Tours. It was even better than we expected! They had a tandem bike for Dexter (4y) to ride attached to me, and a toddler seat for Shep (18m) to ride in comfort behind Matt. The weather was a perfect 74 degrees and sunny, and we had a leisure ride with a group, stopping for lunch in Jardin Des Tuileries.

The final stop on the bike tour was back at the Eiffel Tower where we got off to stretch our legs, take some photos, and Dex even found a go-cart to ride!

It was a quick trip overall, but perfect for what we were looking for. Matt and I had been to Paris before, and while we both find parts of it beautiful, its not one of our favorite destinations. We were happy to have magnificent weather, and discover this awesome bike tour company (which we immediately booked again for an upcoming weekend in Barcelona!), but we saw the sites we wanted to see, and would prefer to explore a new city rather than return to Paris. The food was excellent everywhere we ate, (being 8w pregnant at the time, my food aversions were in full effect), so much so that I was not looking forward to heading back home. to British food! While I think Paris is a must-see destination, I think 2-3 days there is plenty. If its the food and wine and romance you’re looking for, we prefer Italy over Paris. The people are friendlier in general in Italy, and they are MUCH more welcoming to children and families.

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